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Testimonials from practice

The Experience Table with its different models has proven to be a success in the healthcare sector in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, as well as other European countries. We are glad to see that it now contributes also to the wellbeing of elderly residents in the United Kingdom.  

Social housing providers such as Stonewater Group and Woodleigh Care and care homes such as Needwood Nursing Home and Queens Court are using the Experience Table for entertainment, memory stimulation and social activities. 

Care managers are very pleased with the Experience Table, which can be used by elderly residents, those with dementia and even bedridden individuals. Activity coordinators are enthusiastic about the Experience Table because it's so easy to move around and helps elderly really connect to each other and have fun together. 

- many interactive features - 

”The Experience Table is amazing and has many interactive features specifically designed for those with dementia or other impairment. It can play music and videos from different eras, link to the internet, stimulate conversation and movement. It is large enough for groups to play scrabble on it, and small and portable enough to be taken into bedrooms for those less mobile. 

  – Woodleigh Christian Care Home 

- new friendships -

The Experience Tables have had an overwhelmingly positive response from all of our residents. Many have formed new friendships through the multi-player activities which encourage people to chat, share memories and have fun together, while others have enjoyed playing games at the tables with their grandchildren. Perhaps the most rewarding part of this experience has been seeing our residents with dementia discussing the old adverts and shopping brands they used years ago. It’s sparked some great conversations and helped them to relax, reminisce and engage in a meaningful way with other residents, their families and our staff!”

  – Joanna Gooch, Stonewater’s Director of Housing Strategy