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Applications that support aged care 

The Experience Table supports various aspects of aged care. Alle applications can be used as as supplement to any activity or care regimen. The table is designed for all residents of aged care facililities, including people with dementia or other mental or phyical limitations. 

Regular updates are available, based on feedback from care workers who use the touchscreen table daily. 

Memory stimulation 

The ExperienceTable can start conversations about the past. There are image boards of old shops and interiors, popular music from decades past, children's songs and nursery rhymes, and old televison broadcasts to let people reminisce together. 


The ExperienceTable offers special applications for people in all stages of dementia, focusing on what they are still capable of. These applications have been developed in collaboration with dementia care professionals and supported by scientific studies. The basis for these applications is action-reaction, where even a small gesture can give a clear reaction. Many of these activities are also designed to support motor skills as well as to provide mental stimulation.

We regularly hear that the ExperienceTable elicits joyful reactions from people who otherwise rarely respond to external stimuli.

Brain Training

Puzzles, memory games, language games, word searches, sound games, question and answer games, object sorting games, image recognition games, balancing games, activities based around movement and spatial insight, quizzes, and drawing games support brain training at all levels, from very easy to challenging.


The ExperienceTable is also designed to provide entertainment to residents in the form of games, video, and music. From significant news broadcasts like the first Moon landing to clips from old TV shows, games from math to bingo to color-matching, music ranging from classic jukebox tunes to children’s sing-alongs, there is something for everyone.

Custom content

You can customize the table by adding your own custom photos, video, or audio to the ExperienceTable with the special TipTile application. Group trips, family photos, local events, anything you can think of can be put on the table for residents to enjoy. 

Social interaction

It can be a challenge to stimulate social interactions between residents of aged care facilities. The ExperienceTable can help with this, by encouraging social activity and group engagement. All applications are designed to invite people to talk, listen, sing, and play together.


The ExperienceTable can be used together with residents’ families as well. Play together, reminisce together, sing together, and more! It’s also possible to add family photos, videos, or audio recordings to the ExperienceTable, as a kind of interactive family album.