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The Experience Table: especially now

Older people in care homes are twice affected by the Corona crisis because they can receive little to no visitors. The Experience Table helps you not to let frail elderly people get lonely. It stimulates socialisation, boosts memory function and ensures a few pleasant hours every day. That is why we have listed a number of tips for you.

Tip 1: Suitable Applications

We can imagine that you are currently reluctant to use the Experience Table for activities with several people at the same time. However, there are plenty of options for using the Experience Table in a responsible manner. Always ensure good personal hygiene, and keep you devices and the environment clean. The ExperienceTable can help you enhance the level of care. With more people at the table or in front of the screen, you can deliver high-quality care to more residents at the same time.

Tip 2: Activities with the Experience Table

By putting Experience Table Ely in vertical position, you can adjust it in height and operate the touchscreen yourself. See below a few examples of the many applications you can use for a small group of residents. Always follow the guidelines of Public Health England.


Questions about the past:  tap a question, enlarge the question on the screen and let the residents answer. 

Songs of the past: music to fraternize and make people happy.

Nature Menu: show te beautiful video images with kittens, puppies, nature films and more, which stimulate pleasant sensations.

Looking back: watch television clips from long ago together.

Music 1970s: turn on the Juke box and the music will play automatically. 

Discussion material: tap a subject, read the short text and prompt a conversation about the past. 

Photo Menu: stimulate beautiful memories with photos from the sixties, for example of thing in the Kitchen and in the Shed. 

Tip 3 Watch together, Experiece Together! 

Connect the table with internet and enjoy group activities as watching a movie, reading the newspaper or watching videos on YouTube. 


- Leave the Experience Menu with the code from the manual.

- After that you can explore the internet.