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About Us

SovaCare is the international branch of Onwijs Multitouch Specialists, a Dutch-based multitouch company committed to making modern technology accessible for e.g. healthcare, education, libraries and museums.

Onwijs was founded more then 25 years ago, originally producing educational software. Over time, the requests from healthcare professionals who encountered our products in museums and libraries to develop a product for the aged care sector increased, and development began in 2009.

After a few years of research and development the first Experience Table was born. Although there is now an increasing number of variants, this first Experience Table laid the groundwork.

Onwijs is proud to boast a dedicated team of creative thinkers, software developers, educational staff, designers, and more, who all work together to keep the Experience Table up-to-date, including in response to feedback from healthcare professionals. 

Onwijs had been the recipient of the prestigious Microsoft-Award for its educational software.  

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