SovaCare ExperienceTable

The SovaCare ExperienceTable covers a wide range of multitouch solutions designed to stimulate recall, improve communication between residents, and offer entertainment. Extensive implementation trials in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium show that the ExperienceTable improves the wellbeing and mental health of elderly people and people with dementia.


Stimulating interaction

One of the challenges in aged care is stimulating interaction with and between residents. The SovaCare ExperienceTable health game software helps break through the isolation of residents, especially those with dementia. The ExperienceTable software family has been developed in cooperation with care specialists, and have had great success with early adaptors in The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. Residents interact using a range of specialised applications that stimulate memory recall, improve communication, and offer entertainment. Feedback from care workers and health managers have been very positive.



Times Past – Photo Album

Times Past – Memories in video

Times Past – Memories in pictures

Times Past – The Kitchen

Times Past – Shopping

Times Past – Singalong

Times Past – Adverts

The 30’s to 60’s Jukebox



Drawing: Messy Fingers

Colours experience



Activities Menu – activities developed for people with dementia