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SovaCare Experience Table

The SovaCare Experience Table covers a wide range of multitouch solutions designed to stimulate recall, improve communication between residents and offer entertainment. Extensive implementation trials in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium show that the SovaCare Experience Table improves the wellbeing and mental health of elderly people and people with dementia.

Active together 

The SovaCare Experience Table is modern technology in the form of a movable, wheelchair-friendly table that can be used flexibly in different rooms. The most important feature of the SovaCare Experience Table is that people can use the table as a group and perform activities together.

The SovaCare Experience Table can be used both for recreational activities and as part of a care regimen. As the interactive table can be used by several people at once, caregivers can provide high-quality care to different people at the same time. 

The SovaCare Experience Table offers entertainment, memory stimulation and social engagements to residents of care centers. The wooden table is robust, durable, reliable, flexible and has a friendly, inviting appearance. 

The SovaCare Experience Table is unique

  • The SovaCare Experience Table is mobile and easy to move to any residential group. 
  • Different models are available to suit any target audience. 
  • Applications aimed at every demographic in aged care, including for people with psysical limitations. 
  • The SovaCare Experience Table provides relaxation and promotes well-being.
  • Stimulation of motor skills at every level. 
  • A relaxed way of memory training. 
  • Stimulates the interaction between residents through multi-user programs. 
  • The SovaCare Experience Table comes standard with over 70 applications. 
  • Supplemental packages are available with additional programs that fit your target audience. 
  • Customizable applications with your own photo, video, or audio material. 
  • Inviting to use for family and volunteers. 
More than 500 tables in use.
Fast service and response.
Dozens of applications, even before optional additions.
Conversations with residents, who were actually speaking to each other.


Times Past – Photo Album

Times Past – Memories in video

Times Past – Memories in pictures

Times Past – The Kitchen

Times Past – Shopping

Times Past – Singalong

Times Past – Adverts

The 30’s to 60’s Jukebox



Drawing: Messy Fingers

Colours experience



Activities Menu – activities developed for people with dementia